Couple of the Month: Jena and Frank

In this article cycle, we will post interviews with some of our wedding couples to help you better understand the preparation process as well as what to expect from the dance on the big day. You can see the dance video at the end of the article!

Dance style: Bachata and Hustle
Song: Dancing in the moonlight – King Harvest
Amount of Lessons: 8

1. How did you pick a song for your first dance?

 Our wedding was 70s themed and we have always loved Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest. We both just always knew without even talking about it that this would be the song.

2. What was the most important requirement for your wedding dance?

We wanted some sort of entrance moment and not to just stand there swaying back and forth while everyone watched.

3. How many months in advance did you start? Did you have a dance experience before?

We got married on 10/22/2022 and started our lessons with Emily in July. We have been together for 15 years and never have really danced with each other before. We both don’t really love to dance in front of people and don’t have any dance experience.

4. What was the biggest challenge for you preparing the dance and how did you overcome it?

We were super nervous to dance at our wedding – leading up to the wedding we were practically making ourselves sick over the dance. We saved our final three lessons for the two weeks leading up to the wedding and practiced every single night for those two weeks. We practiced in class with Emily over and over again with her amazing feedback. By the time the wedding came, we felt confident. We did amazing for our entrance dip and nailed the timing for the dip at the end.

5. Did you feel comfortable on the dance floor on the day of the wedding?

Yes, very thanks to all our lessons with Emily and our friends at Brooklyn Dance

6. Tell our future couples what to expect from the wedding dance on the day of!

There is so much noise going on in the background, but it will still feel like it’s just you two up there. You barely even notice it!

7. How did you feel after the performance on the day of?

AMAZING! We were so happy. We gave each other a big hug.

8. What advice can you give to the couples?

Practice makes perfect – the more you practice your dance, the more confident you will feel on the dance floor no matter what happens or what steps you miss.

9. Are you going to dance after the wedding? 🙂

Yes, we plan on using these moves for the rest of our lives!! 🙂

You can see their dance below:

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