Couple of the month: Brendan McNamara and Nic Querolo

In this article cycle, we will post interviews with some of our wedding couples to help you better understand the preparation process as well as what to expect from the dance on the big day. You can see the dance video at the end of the article!

Dance style: Bachata & Hustle
Song: You’re All I need to Get’ by Aretha Franklin
Amount of Lessons: 10H

1. How did you pick a song for your first dance?

We’ve always loved Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, and love the timelessness message and simplicity of the music in “You’re all I need to get by”

2. What was the most important requirement for your wedding dance?

We wanted a dance which was polished and upbeat – something we’d appreciate ourselves and that our guests would love. We also looked seriously for a studio with experience choreographing for queer couples in a classical, yet personal style.

3. How many months in advance did you start? Did you have a dance experience before?

We started in September, leading up to our New Year’s Eve wedding and neither of us had serious dance experience beforehand.

4. What was the biggest challenge for you preparing the dance and how did you overcome it?

Scheduling – both having full schedules we were uncertain how we’d find the time, but Brooklyn Dance was flexible to our schedules, allowing us to double up on certain weeks and take off other weeks.


5. Did you feel comfortable on the dance floor on the day of the wedding?

Very! The choreography became second nature so we could just enjoy ourselves.

6. Tell our future couples what to expect from the wedding dance on the day of!

It’s true, it goes by in an instant!

7. How did you feel after the performance on the day of?

Fantastic! Things went perfectly and we even had the basics to lead our moms for additional mother-son dances.

8. What advice can you give to the couples?

Keep in mind the vision you have for your dance and trust the instructors – enjoy the mistakes, slips, and learnings all in stride.

9. Are you going to dance after the wedding?

Of course! Just less formally.

You can see their dance below:

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