reopening policy

Our effort


  • We will leave time between appointments so we don’t have lessons back to back.
  • We will have balcony doors open during the lessons to constantly clean the air in the studio.
  • We will run an air purifier every evening after the lessons.
  • Our teachers will have a new pair of gloves for each lesson and will keep the necessary distance from the students.
  • We are setting up a dedicated teacher’s area where no students will be allowed so they can prepare for the lessons.
  • We will arrange three different areas for students’ seating and belongings so no students will use the same spots back to back. We will spray sanitize the surfaces after each lesson.

Safety rules YOU NEED TO FOLLOW : 


  1. Everyone is required to wear a face mask BEFORE entering the studio. 
  2. Students are not required to wear gloves, but everyone MUST sanitize their hands upon entering the studioSanitizer stand will be prepared at the entrance.
  3. Our bathroom will be closed, please prepare yourself accordingly 🙂 
  4. We highly recommend bringing your water bottle with you. We will have some tap water in the studio for emergencies, but at the moment we are not able to serve water or coffee before the lessons like we always do.  
  5. Please buzz before the lessons, so we know you are coming up, even if the door was open. We want to make sure that we eliminate unnecessary crossing of the people.
  6. We *ask you to bring a clean pair of shoes for your lesson and change upon arrival*. You can also dance in the socks if you prefer.  

If you arrive in advance, we ask you to wait in the car or at a close-by location. 

Expiration policy extension


We are extending all existing packages and gift cards for the length of the studio closure and adding an additional 120 days to the expiration date according to our studio policy. This applies to the purchases made before March 18, 2020.  Please check when your package was purchased. 

Each Brooklyn Dance Lessons package has a usage period (“Usage Period”):
* 1-hour Lesson Package: 30 calendar days
* Five 1-hour Lessons Package: 60 calendar days
* Ten 1-hour Lessons Package: 120 calendar days
* Twenty 1-hour Lessons Package: 360 calendar days
* Thirty 1-hour Lessons Package: 360 calendar days
* Gift Card of any value: 180 calendars days
Wedding Dance Cycles will be converted into 2 private lessons to be scheduled by November 30, 2020. 

You can review our refund, expiration & cancellation policy here.

Since it’s been a long break for many of you, we recommend considering 90 min appointments to make sure your lesson goes smoothly and also to mask sure out teachers have to travel fewer days.