Wedding Dance lessons in Brooklyn


We know it is an important day when everyone is going crazy! So what should you do to prevent that? 5 bits of advice for you from our brides!

 1. Get ready in advance for small things

Get ready in advance for things you think are not that important right now. Because on the wedding day they will be. Bring to the dance lessons your wedding shoes and think about wearing a skirt that is similar to your dress. (Especially if it is a Mermaid shape dress, try to wear pencil skirt few times.) It does make you feel different!

2. Plan ahead

Finish learning steps for your wedding dance at least one month, or better two, before the date and spend all last weeks practicing it. As we know, practice makes it perfect! Last two weeks you will be very busy and you will not have time for that. So schedule your first lessons closer to each other and in advance. (Trust our 5 years of experience with that)

3. Repeat one last time

Schedule one last lesson few days before the wedding to run through your dance 10 times in a row. Record a video on your phone so you can always check before the wedding if you need to.

4. Check the dance floor

Go and check your wedding venue dance floor before the wedding day and try to dance there if that is allowed. Can’t go before, think about it on the morning of your wedding day. Sometimes it is smaller or bigger than you have expected, or the floor is too slippery. You should know that ahead of time so you do not get caught by surprise. It might make you nervous during the dance.

5. Take it easy!

Remember, no one is perfect. So relax and enjoy your dance together. The most important thing – you should have fun doing it, even if sometimes with little mistakes.

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