the joy of dance.

the joy of dance.
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brooklyn dance lessons

Brooklyn Dance Lessons is a dance boutique located in the heart of Gowanus. We offer private lessons and group classes for social and wedding dances. Whether you are looking for a new passion or preparing for a big moment like your wedding, our priority at Brooklyn Dance Lessons is to help you learn how to dance… and of course, have fun while learning. With a modern approach and a cozy environment, we designed a unique learning experience that will let you embrace the joy of dancing.

a dance boutique designed for you

Imagine that: You enter our cozy dance studio and notice the soft scent of fresh flowers and lavender to calm your mind. While changing your dance shoes, you are enjoying an espresso or a cup of hot tea. Your teacher is preparing your favorite music and mentioning all spins and steps you will learn today. You then spend the next hour dancing and smiling without realizing how the time flies away.

After, you head to the terrace to cool down and enjoy the evening breeze. On the way home, you smile, looking at videos from the lesson, and think how great your evening was. You realize how dance makes your life so much happier. Sounds good? Then you came to the right place.

Brooklyn Dance Lessons was built with your comfort and privacy in mind. Differently from many dance studios, in our boutique, we teach students individually and separately. We believe that everyone learns faster and better when they don’t share the dance floor. This means you get to own the entire studio for your lesson.

how can we dance together?


our approach

Dance is a source of happiness and well being. Dance brings smiles on people’s faces and creates the best memories. Dance is raising your energy levels and gives you a moment of freedom. Dancing makes your life better. Period.  Our lessons and teaching approach are built on all of that. 

We want you to learn, to have fun, and to have the best moment of your life.  We value your time and aim to make your dance experience with us as great and flawless as possible. Our goal is to provide a unique luxury experience both for you and your teacher. You can read more about our studio approach , styles we teach, and see dance boutique photos on our page here.





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