social dance lessons

for fun, for friends, for you

At Brooklyn Dance Lessons we believe everyone should be able
to dance socially to any type of music. This would make you more confident and happy.

social dance benefits

Dancing is always a good idea! But let’s see why exactly and what benefits social dancing can bring you:

STRESS relief
New HOBBY together or for yourself
It improves your SOCIAL SKILLS
PERFECT REASON TO GO OUT and meet people
It gives you a better POSTURE and flexibility
Effective MOOD BOOST
It is SEXY!

private lessons & packages


If you’re not sure what you’d like to start with, we can have 20-minute Phone call to discuss your goals, understand different styles, and decide what is the best for you.



Single one-hour private lesson.
Good for a trial, gift certificates, or a quick recap of basic moves.
Let’s Start!



Your Dance Membership includes 2 private lessons each month at a convenient rate per lesson.
6 months minimum.

Some restrictions my apply.



An introductory package of five one-hour lessons.
This is a good choice for trying basic moves
in a few different dances
and understanding what you like.


Package of ten one-hour lessons. Good for someone who wants to learn a few moves in a couple of dances and to be able to start dancing socially.



Package of twenty one-hour lessons. Perfect for someone who’s really interested in learning how to dance and wants to add finer details and techniques to start feeling comfortable dancing.


*Payment plans are available for 10 lessons and 20 lessons.

dance cycles

Monthly cycles alternating between the most popular dances. Each cycle includes 4 lessons of the same dance.
The purchase of the entire cycle is necessary and drop-ins are not allowed.

*If you don’t have a partner please contact us.

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ or schedule a private consultation call with us!

Social Dance Group Class

Olga’s lesson was truly a magnificent experience. Thanks to her warm and professional team we felt at home and well taken care of from the first moment we stepped into her stylish and cozy studio. My girlfriend and I were anxious at first as we’d only had limited experience dancing. However, as soon as the lesson took off, our worries went away[...]

Michal Š

special class or date night?


To make your special occasions even more special, we created unique DANCE EXPERIENCES for date nights and celebrations. We also turned traditional group classes into exciting events and made them even more enjoyable and memorable. Learn more about Latin Dance, “Wedding guest” or “Jazz Lover” dance experiences.

All experiences are 90 minutes long and include additional perks.

Do you want to learn to dance at home?

Join our interactive social dance cycles