refund, expiration & cancellation policy

1.Refund Policy

    1. Customers can request, via email to [email protected], a full refund of their unused purchase within 7 calendar days from the day of the payment (“Refund Period”).
    2. Purchases will be not refundable after 7 calendar days from the payment unless otherwise specified in this Refund, Expiration & Cancellation Policy.
    3. In the event that a purchase is partially used before the end of the Refund Period, the whole purchase becomes automatically not refundable.


2.Package and Gift Card Expiration Policy

1. Each Brooklyn Dance Lessons package has a usage period (“Usage Period”):

  • Skype (20-minute Skype call) Package: 14 calendar days
  • 1-hour Lesson Package: 30 calendar days
  • Four 1-hour Lessons Daytime Special: 60 calendar days
  • Five 1-hour Lessons Package: 60 calendar days
  • Ten 1-hour Lessons Package: 120 calendar days
  • Twenty 1-hour Lessons Package: 360 calendar days
  • Thirty 1-hour Lessons Package: 360 calendar days
  • Fifty 1-hour Lessons Package: 360 calendar days
  • First Dance: Look, We Can Move (Five 1-hour Lessons) Package: 60 calendar days
  • First Dance: Didn’t know U Can Dance (Ten 1-hour Lessons) Package: 120 calendar days
  • First Dance: No Kidding (Twenty 1-hour Lessons): 360 calendar days
  • First Dance: We Are The Real Deal (Thirty 1-hour Lessons): 360 calendar days
  • First Dance: What just happened? (Fifty 1-hour Lessons): 360 calendar days
  • Group Class: 4 Lessons Packages: 60 calendar days
  • Group Class: 10 Lessons Packages: 150 calendar days
  • Gift Card of any value: 180 calendars days


2. The Usage Period starts from the payment date of each purchase.

3. Customers must fully redeem their purchase within the related Usage Period.

4. Purchases partially or not entirely redeemed within the Usage Period shall be considered expired and are not refundable.


3. Lessons Cancellation Policy

1. 48-hours policy – Cancellation or rescheduling of a private lesson or group class must be made AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson’s time.

2. Lessons not canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours from the scheduled lesson’s time are not refundable.