Heels Dance Classes in Brooklyn

Heels Dance Classes in Brooklyn

What is Heels class at Brooklyn Dance Lessons?

These heels classes challenge the student to find their inner confidence through the added element of dancing in heels, but most importantly to discover how sensual movement with feminine qualities can help the student take ownership and pride of their own self-identity through the power of movement.

In this class we will work on understanding some basic foundations in dance that can be used across multiple dance styles in order to practice healthy alignment, create confident shapes with our bodies, feel comfortable with grooves and musicality, as well as get in tune with feminine expression through movement.

What to expect in Heels classes:

The class structure typically includes a warm up utilizing body isolations, rotational movement, foot articulation, core alignment, and stretching.
Next, it is followed by a series of drills such as walking, posing, body rolls, swivels, and more in order to move confidently in our heels.
The final part of class is usually a short combination that combines the dance elements taught in class as well as focuses on a more performative or expressive side of dance.

In a short class, sometimes the warm up or drills will be shortened (or the drills cut out) to leave time to learn choreography. In a series of classes we often will cover all portions over the course of the series from warm up to drills to choreography. In a one off class, we often will focus on warm up and choreography, unless it’s an introduction to heels (which would focus on foundations more than choreography).

Our heels class is open to all people over the age of 18 regardless of gender, background, or dance experience level. We encourage a safe and welcoming environment to promote individual expression and most of all confidence.

*Please note that heels of the stiletto nature are preferred, especially with straps or ones that cover the top of the foot (when first learning). Please no kitten heels or booty heels or anything with a thick heel (these limit the true experience of the focus and purpose of the class). If any concerns, feel free to email the studio with questions and feel free to reference the kind of shoe that is ideal for learning here: https://burjushoes.com/kiira-harper/ . All shoes of this nature should work minus the booty heels. No need to purchase any new shoes for this class, however. Thank you!

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