Marissa and Randy Wedding Choreography

Wedding Choreography Pros and Cons

We always commend preparing a routine for your big day!

Wedding dance choreography can be a great way to add a special and memorable touch to your celebration.

However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if it’s the right choice for you.

Wedding Routine Pros vs Cons


• Choreographed dances add a unique and special touch to your wedding reception. It’s a great way to surprise your guests and make your wedding stand out.

• A choreographed dance can be a great way to showcase your relationship with your partner and make your first dance as a married couple extra special.

• Choreographed dances can also be a fun and exciting way to involve your wedding party in the reception.

• Because you know exactly what you will be dancing in front of the people, it will help you to feel more comfortable and natural on the dance floor, making your first dance as a married couple an enjoyable experience.

• Even if you are looking for a simple dance with few basic moves, by practicing a simple routine, you will be more confident dancing them in front of the guest.

• You get your weekly date nights! It can be an opportunity for a couple to bond and share something special together before the wedding day.


• Choreographed dances can be time-consuming and will require additional rehearsals.

• Some people switch their focus too much on an actual choreography instead of learning how to dance. By doing so, they are not learning the skill, but memorizing the steps order only. Which is not beneficial in a long-term.

• You need to start in advance and have an idea of what dance styles you would like to learn

• Some couples may feel uncomfortable with the idea of the choreographed dances, preferring to just wing it on the dance floor.

•However, please keep in mind that free styling in front of people requires more knowledge, then preparing the routine.

What do you think is the right choice for you?

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