looking for a holiday gift?

Dance is not just a regular gift that people put on a shelf and forget about in a few weeks.
Dance makes people feel good and brings amazing emotions that stay with people for a long time.
Here is our Holiday gift guide to happiness!


We selected some options to help you choose the best gift for these holidays.
Make your partner, family, or friends an unforgettable dance gift. 100% happiness guaranteed.


Give a gift of 2 months of dancing at home!
Purchase access to our On-demand Interactive dance cycles for beginners. Choose between Salsa, Bachata, and Wedding Dance or give a bundle of two dances for more joy.

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Private dance experience for special celebrations. Have an upcoming celebration or even getting engaged? Then this special gift will be perfect for you! Give a gift of a private dance experience in our studio so someone special can enjoy the night with you!

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Get a Gift card for private dance lessons for your friends and family. Surprise a just engaged couple, your kids, or your better half with a valuable present! Gift cards can be applied towards any future packages of their choice or for a single private lesson.

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