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Today we would like to discuss one of the most popular dances out there- Tango. Judging by the movies, it is a dance that brings passion to our lives and tv. And no wonder, those are the dance moves you can perform to dramatic sexy music. 🙂
Even if they might look similar to you, there are two types of Tango – Ballroom Tango and Argentine Tango. Often people confuse those styles or are not aware that there is more than one style.
So if you are looking for tango dance lessons in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place!

Both versions are beautiful dances that give the same feeling, but there is a big difference in music and steps. Argentine Tango is more of social dance and could be danced and learned by anyone. As you can assume, the origin of the style is coming from Argentina. There Tango is a street dance that people used to dance for fun. And although the dance was not officially accepted for some time by society, it later became one of the most popular things connected to the country’s culture. Being a street dance means rules are much looser, the frame is lighter and easier to keep, and music is as important as the dance itself.

The ballroom tango is a little bit more structured. And even if beginners can learn it easily as well, the basic moves require specific technique and proper frame. You also have to dance it around the room, and there is less freestyling to it.

Both styles are very fun and can give you that sexy feeling, with the difference that one is a bit more playful with the partners and the other is more proper ballroom dance.

Which style you would like to try at your tango dance lessons in Brooklyn?

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