dance and meditation

How to let your body free? Let’s talk about Dancing & Meditation.

Speaking of meditation, we straightway have the image of a yogi sitting in the lotus pose. This picture is so firmly embedded in our consciousness that we don’t even think that it is possible to meditate in another way.

But there are active meditations and dance is one of the ways to achieve a meditative state, tranquility, and unity with your body.

In our mega-active world, where you need to keep up with everything & multitask, we often accumulate stress without even noticing it. This leads to energy stagnation.

And our wonderful body is our helper & best friend. If something is ill, there is no strength and energy, then you need to slow down and take care of yourself.

Dance helps a lot in this at the physiological level:

  • when moving, the lymph flow is renewed
  • recovery processes are started,
  • toxins are removed
  • tension is relieved
  • you can also connect with body, soul, music, and space
The very same movement is the essence of our life. Consciously observing our daily, every minute, every second body movement, we plunge into that very meditative state. And for this, you don’t need to sit in the lotus pose every time.

Your task is to try to relax in the dance, listen to music, trust your body and subconscious. It knows more than you think because movement is the first language we learn after birth. And our heartbeat is also the music. First, people learn to move and dance, then talk.

We believe that dance can become for you the most powerful form of meditation and a tool for reconciling the physical & spiritual. This is truly the fastest way to calm the mind, which gives everyone the desired state of no judging, lightness, harmony, & freedom.

We would love it if you share with us your experience of dancing. How do you feel after dance classes?

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