Couple of the month: Lindsay and Daniel

In this article cycle, we will post interviews with some of our wedding couples to help you better understand the preparation process as well as what to expect from the dance on the big day. You can see the dance video at the end of the article!

Dance style: Rumba, Foxtrot, and Hustle
Song: Tiny Dancer
Amount of Lessons: 10

1. How did you pick a song for your first dance?

We love to go camping and hiking together. As a result, we find ourselves listening to a lot of music in the car when we’re road tripping to our hikes. We thought about our favorite songs from those car rides and landed on Tiny Dancer – most people know it and it has a great chorus!

2. What was the most important requirement for your wedding dance?

That we both felt comfortable and capable of doing it – thanks to Alyona, we did!

3. How many months in advance did you start? Did you have a dance experience before?

Neither of us had dance experience prior to starting lessons for our wedding dance at Brooklyn Dance Lessons. We started once-weekly lessons in mid-July up until our wedding in early September.

4. What was the biggest challenge for you preparing the dance and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest challenging was remembering the subtle details (posture, hand placement) while also trying to remember the steps. Practicing outside of lessons helped with this

5. Did you feel comfortable on the dance floor on the day of the wedding?

Very comfortable! It was fun and enjoyable because Alyona made sure we felt comfortable with all the moves before our last lesson (plus practicing every other day in the two weeks leading up to our wedding helped!).

6. Tell our future couples what to expect from the wedding dance on the day of!

It’ll be a special feeling to be up there with each other and all of your guests cheering you on! After the wedding, it’s been so fun to see the smiling looks on everyone’s faces in the photos while we danced.

7. How did you feel after the performance on the day of?


8. What advice can you give to the couples?

We think our regular lesson schedule (once per week), plus agreeing on a practice schedule (even if it took only fifteen minutes) in the weeks leading up to the wedding helped us feel relaxed the day-of. Also, if you’re able to practice on your venue’s dancefloor at least once before the reception, you’ll feel more comfortable too.

9. Are you going to dance after the wedding? 🙂

We have our dance committed to memory at this point – we’re excited to be able to rely on it whenever Tiny Dance comes on!.(We even danced to it in a bar on our honeymoon!)

You can see their dance below:

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