Couple of the month: Christina and Ben

In this article cycle, we will post interviews with some of our wedding couples to help you better understand the preparation process as well as what to expect from the dance on the big day. You can see the dance video at the end of the article!

Dance style: Mix Styles
Song: “Down in Mexico” and “Shut Up and Dance With Me”
Amount of Lessons: 20

1. How did you pick a song for your first dance?

We planned a destination wedding in Mexico and Ben loves movies, especially Quentin Tarantino!!! He immediately thought of the song “Down in Mexico” from the movie “Deathproof.”  It turned out to be the perfect beat for our cha-cha and we love the way it started slow and then got fast! Both Ben and I love the song “Shut Up and Dance With Me” so we thought that would be a good second song for a mix to get people energized and ready to dance!

2. What was the most important requirement for your wedding dance?

Fun!!!! We wanted the dance to be fun, we wanted to have fun and we wanted to make people feel excited and set the scene with the right energy for the night!

3. How many months in advance did you start? Did you have a dance experience before?

We did the 20 dance lesson pack and started five months before the wedding with Brooklyn Dance!!!  We don’t have extensive dance experience and no experience dancing in partners!!!

4. What was the biggest challenge for you preparing the dance and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge was finding time to practice between sessions.  Luckily, with 20 lessons and our amazing instructor, Emily, we got a lot of the practice done during our weekly sessions!

5. Did you feel comfortable on the dance floor on the day of the wedding?

Well, the three tequila shots directly before dancing certainly helped!!!! The electricity and energy of the crowd and the amazing support that they brought also made us feel comfortable and excited to perform!

6. Tell our future couples what to expect from the wedding dance on the day of!

Definitely expect to be nervous but also know that you have done all the work to have an amazing performance! Know that this dance will be the centerpiece of your wedding and that people will be so excited to see the amazing thing you put together! The dance was definitely the highlight of our entire reception! Know that you will be proud of yourself and excited for everything that you have worked towards.

7. How did you feel after the performance on the day of?

We felt elated!!!  We were so excited to complete the dance without a hitch and were thrilled to see the reactions of our friends and family!!!  We were relieved, of course, but so happy that our practice paid off and that we created an amazing ambience for our wedding night.  I think we can also say we were proud of ourselves!!!

8. What advice can you give to the couples?

Practice!  Have fun!!! Take three tequila shots (not two).

9. Are you going to dance after the wedding? 🙂

I want to find reasons to play our wedding song random places so we always have a reason dance!!!  We hope to cha cha into old age together!!!

You can see an extract from the dance below:

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