Wedding Dance lessons in Brooklyn


There are many wedding dance styles for any taste and request. But how hard is it to learn how to dance and pick something that you will love to do on your wedding day?

It depends on what you would like to achieve.

Think about it this way: if you decide to learn a new language, will you be able to speak it after just 4 lessons? No. You will learn the alphabet and a few basic words. In 10 lessons you might be able to have a little dialogue. In 20 you probably will feel more comfortable to have a conversation, but you will not be fluent yet.

Dancing is the same. It is like learning a new language: the body language. It has its own alphabet as well, and you learn how to build sentences together with steps. It depends on you if you want to have a full story for guests at your wedding, or just a simple paragraph.

Do you want to know all about wedding dance styles? Click below to download the 10 styles with the examples of songs you can use with them.



But FIRST, start with deciding WHY you are doing it. 

  • Do you want to show off how good you are? 
  • Or you want to learn basic skills together that can be useful in your life or maybe even to start a new hobby together?
  • Maybe you want to surprise people or you just doing it to have good pictures?
  • Simply to have fun or just because you “have to”?

All of those reasons will help to structure your lessons and dance in a specific way. After that, knowing what is your goal, you can think about the wedding dance styles that will fit this goal.