Couple of the month: Emily and Charlie

In this article cycle, we will post interviews with some of our wedding couples to help you better understand the preparation process as well as what to expect from the dance on the big day. You can see the dance video at the end of the article!

Dance style: Mix Styles
Song: May I Have This Dance
Amount of Lessons: 10 + lots of practice at home 

1. How did you pick a song for your first dance?

We wanted something we could listen to over and over again while we practiced, but was also unique, fun to dance to, and spoke to our relationship.

2. What was the most important requirement for your wedding dance?

Emily had to be lifted at least once! We wanted it to be fun to watch, so lots of variety sprinkled in.

3. How many months in advance did you start? Did you have a dance experience before?

We started about 6 months ahead of time, but we took a break in the middle. Charlie was musical but had never danced, and Emily has no rhythm but loves dancing. We also watched a lot of dancing with the stars (to prepare obviously!)

4. What was the biggest challenge for you preparing the dance and how did you overcome it?

Sometimes the big segments were overwhelming the first time you talk through them, but breaking them down into smaller moves, steps and pieces made the whole thing feel much more approachable.

5. Did you feel comfortable on the dance floor on the day of the wedding?

Absolutely. Charlie was so comfortable he even started the dance backwards. But we were so well practiced we were able to correct it without anyone noticing.

6. Tell our future couples what to expect from the wedding dance on the day of!

One thing that really helped us was finding 5 minutes to practice our dance with our DJ on the floor in the dress. Since it was our first time in the space and wearing those clothes, it really helped us feel confident that there wouldn’t be any tripping on the train, and we knew how to move within the space.

7. How did you feel after the performance on the day of?

Very happy…but it was a blur and so honestly a little sad that it was over. We really enjoyed practicing and learning!!! Dance lessons were our favorite date nights and working on something together as new partners was the best part.

8. What advice can you give to the couples?

Practice, practice, practice and then just relax and let whatever happens happen on the day. Also if you can do a run through on the dance floor. We did ours when we had finished pictures and everyone was in the cocktail hour.

9. Are you going to dance after the wedding? 🙂

We already have! There’s definitely some more box steps and spins happening at concerts and other weddings. 

You can see an extract from the dance below:

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