Wedding Dance lessons in Brooklyn


Let’s talk about what social dancing is and why it is good for anyone.

Many times you asked yourself: do I need to learn to dance?,  will I use it somewhere?,  what if I won’t enjoy it?, or even what if I can’t do it?  

In this article, we will answer all your questions.

Let’s start with understanding what social dancing is. The Heritage Institute says that “Social dancing is partner dancing that is informal, relaxed, and danced for the enjoyment of the partners – rather than to meet the criteria of a dance school or an audience. Social dancing is danced for enjoyment, socialization, recreation, and health. “

Said that social dancing can be learned in every possible style you like. There are more than 30 different dances you can pick from. You can base your decision, for example, on the music you enjoy, that is a very good reason to start. Whether you prefer Ballroom or Latin, you can learn social skills with both of them. But, no matter what, your lessons will be easy and fun, and you can enjoy the whole process.

So when can you use social dancing?

More often than never: we go to weddings, big work events, fancy galas or traveling to Latin countries. In each scenario, there will be a song or two that will allow you to use your skills. Would you prefer to seat and watch or dance end enjoy yourself?
Most commonly, even if you start learning just one dance, after few months you will be able to do basic steps in at least 2-3 other similar dances in that style. That means from dancing to 1-2 songs we arrive to 4-6 at every events. And this is with less popular styles.

With the most common dances, like rumba, foxtrot or single time swing, you will be able to dance almost all night long. If you consider dancing as your new hobby, there are many events for social dancing specifically to let you practice your new skills or dance the night off to relax.

So the answer is: everywhere. Depending on the styles you pick, you will see where you can incorporate them in your life and how. And your teachers will help you with that.

You say: /but I can just jump around with the music/. Whats the difference?

The difference is – that is not dancing, my friend. That is a “I don’t need dance lessons” vulnerability or “I know what I’m doing” fear of failing. Sure, at some moments that is the only thing that we want to do. But you cannot call /jumping around/ dancing, that is why its called /jumping around/ 🙂 Trust us, at least once in your life there will be that something or someone who would love to share that special dance with you -you better be ready!

And there is where we arrive to the question What if I cannot dance?”. We can tell you that – if you can walk, you can dance! People learn with different speed, but everyone arrives there!

Once again, social dancing is all about happy moments you want to have in your life!

More about social dance styles read in our next article.