How to get more confident on the dance floor

Learning to dance is not easy. Learning how to freestyle and enjoy dancing with the partner is even more complicated. But we are here to help you and explain how to get confident on the dance floor!

The most important thing- practice makes it perfect! Don’t expect to feel like Patrick Swayze without putting some time into it.

Just follow this simple rules below, and you will get more confident in no time!


How to get more confident on the dance floor


1.Rule of Three

At the very beginning when you only know 2-3 simple steps, use the rule of 3. That means repeat each step 3 times back to back. For example, 3 basic steps+ three basic turns + 3 traveling steps and from the beginning using the whole length of the song. It’s one of the best exercises for many reasons.

First, you are practicing the steps enough time to actually get them in your muscle memory. Second, it gives you a head start since you already know what you should do and in which order. You can focus on your frame instead of thinking of what to do next.
Of course, you should do it for at least 3 songs every time you practice 🙂

2.Understand your steps

If you really want to learn how to dance and be confident in doing it, analyze what you are doing, don’t just imitate what you saw your teacher does. You will repeat it at that specific moment, but you will not remember it a week after. Instead, try to understand the step and how you did.

3.Create mini routines

Once you did your first exercise enough time, you can use the rule of 3 differently.
Do 3 of those steps just once each time and repeat the order 3 times instead.
Now you are practicing your mini routine. It will also create a safe combination for you in the future that you will be able to do no matter how distracted you might get.

4. Practice distraction 

Once you got your routine in the muscle memory, dance a few more songs and discuss your day while doing it. Learning in the beginning how to distract yourself from the steps and be able to talk while dancing will save you in the future at the social events.
You will have your safe, mini routine ready and you will be able to relax and enjoy your partner if practiced doing it before.

5. Practice your steps like you need to cross NYC streets

For those of you who are not from New York, that means moving big fast and not caring about people around you ?
Of course, you need to be careful to people around you, but you also cannot be too careful and moving small. Your partner will never feel the lead, and everyone is gonna walk you over. Even on the dance floor! So try to do your basics like you need to cross Times Square with them!

6. Know the name of the steps

You think you will never need them. But the truth is that if you don’t know what the steps are called, they will never come up in your head, and you will never do them. You will always repeat 2-3 safe steps over and over because you will not know what else to do. And how you can know what to do if you have no name for it? So yes, it might be boring to memorize the names of the new moves, but you will need them in the future.

7. Always have a plan

Once you have more than 5 steps in your arsenal, always know at least one figure before what you will do next.



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