dance is the best gift

5 Reasons why Dance is the Best Gift

Dance makes people happy.
Dance is romantic.
Dance is sexy.

It is not just a regular gift that people put on a shelf and forget about in a few weeks. An hour of dance makes people feel good and bring amazing emotions that stay with people for a long time.

Not convinced yet?

Here is even more proof of why our dance experience is the best gift idea in Brooklyn!

Why a dance EXPERIENCE
is the best dance gift idea in Brooklyn

1. Unique personalized experience

Everyone who comes to our studio to celebrate feels very special! Gift of dance tells the person that you care about them and that you spent time looking for the best gift.
Often people have been dreaming about dancing some specific dance or learn a couple of moves for their favorite song. With dance experience, you can decide what styles you want to learn and what kind of music you want us to play. You can fulfill someone’s dream!

2. Happiness burst

It’s not a secret that dance helps people to relax and makes them happier.

3. Long-lasting memories

Do you know how many times we hear from people “ Oh I remember us dancing on our first date”
People remember the best moments of their life and dancing is always one of them! We also are very happy to take photos and videos of you dancing so you have something to look back at!

4. Useful skills

Even if you learned just a couple of moves, they can stay with you forever! That means that you can use your new skills anywhere you go; any work event, gatherings, weddings, and vacations will have music you can dance to!
And we promise we can make anyone dance!

5. Intimate atmosphere

Dance is an intimate experience. You touch each other’s hands, you look into each other eyes, you move together. It makes people fall in love and enjoy each company. As we teach only one lesson at a time, our dance boutique atmosphere and a super cozy private terrace make your experience even more special.

Hope we were able to share with you our passion for dance gifts! Click here to pick the best dance experience for your gift!
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