dance and welness

Dance and Wellness

There are many reasons why dance can drastically help wellness.

In our modern world, we often feel anxiety. It starts up defense mechanisms in stressful situations. The body begins to produce adrenaline that supplies the necessary power to cope with difficulties. This reaction remained from centuries past when the man had to defend himself or run away.

Our body continues to respond to any stress with an adrenalin rush, though we do not run away or fight somebody and try to suppress fears. 

To relieve stress and ease tension, we need some physical activity. It’s known that exercising our body releases endorphins – chemicals, which can increase feelings of well-being and happiness, improve sleep and reduce anxiety

Instead of doing routine exercises, you can enroll in dance classes. While performing dance movements, the brain develops new neural connections & becomes more resistant to stress. Besides, your success brings joy because this process stimulates another substance – dopamine that causes positive emotions.

When you learn dancing, you long for beautiful things and develop creative abilities. During a dance, you can express your emotions achieving peace of mind. Mature grace also bolsters your self-confidence, influencing your emotional state.

To go dancing is one of the effective ways to hold your anxiety under control. Please keep in mind that anxiety is not the enemy, it can be an alarm warning you of a possible danger. That’s why your aim is not to ignore or eliminate the anxiety but to consider it a call to action.

P.S. Did you read this sitting in a chair?

Please stand up, stretch your legs, straighten your shoulders, slowly turn your head left & right, sway your arms. Even some physical exercises will improve your blood circulation. You can feel an energy coming into your body & breath getting quiet. Just imagine, it took you two minutes to restore your strength, so dance classes will be even more effective! 

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