salsa lessons in brooklyn

Salsa on 2 vs Salsa on 1

Often when our students come for Salsa lessons in Brooklyn, they have no idea that there are several types of this dance. And they are definitely not aware of the difference between those styles. So if you are one of those students or just want to learn more about salsa dancing – keep reading our articles.

Today we will talk about the two most popular Salsa styles: Salsa on 1 (also known as LA style) and Salsa on 2 (known as NY style).

I would like to start by mentioning one very important piece of information – regardless of what salsa style you are dancing, the music will always be the same! And even the basic steps will be very similar. What changes is how and when we start our basic move.

The best way would be to demonstrate it for you, but hey, you are not in our studio yet!

salsa lessons in brooklyn

So what is the difference between Salsa on 1 & Salsa on 2 step?

Here is how we will explain it

ONE Salsa basic has :
6 steps
8 counts
2 actions: walks and rock steps(more commonly known as “Breaks”)
NO steps on 4&8

How we fit those steps and actions within the 8 music counts- is what makes those styles different! Specifically, what we do on 1st beat. In Salsa on 1 – we rock In Salsa on 2- we first walk

Visually that makes those styles completely different:
Salsa on 1 has smaller action, is less fluid, and has pauses between steps. Salsa on 2 has bigger momentum, more movement, and no visual pause.
Head to our IG page to see some dance examples 🙂

Few Things To Know Before Starting Salsa Lessons In Brooklyn:

  • Salsa on 1 is easier to learn, but for many might be hard to hold the pause. Salsa on 2 is harder to start, but once you got the move- there are no limits!
  • If you dance on 2, you are able to dance & follow on 1 as well. It doesn’t work vice versa
  • A lot of instruments in salsa music have a strong accent that makes Salsa on 2 dancing easier than on 1
  • Salsa on 1 is more popular outside of the US

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