release body tension

Small dance moves that will help you release body tension.

If you at least sometimes live according to the “work-home-work” scheme, you are familiar with the tension of your shoulders, the desire to straighten your back and legs … And you don’t want to go dancing because of fatigue.

Why not dance on a chair? Dancing is a comfortable form of physical activity when you work with your own weight and balance. And that’s enough.

We have selected simple movements that you can do right now!

1. Tilt the head from side to side, then make a full head rotation to the right and left. 

This exercise helps to improve blood circulation and stretch the tired cervical region. Do the inclines 8-12 times.

2.  Stretching the back and shoulders while sitting.

Fold your arms in the lock in front of your chest and reach forward. At the same time, you round your back, lower your head forward. Relax your tense back for a few seconds. Raise your arms up and straighten your back.

3.  Shoulder movements.

The back is straight, you stretch your head up. Begin to turn your shoulders back, and deflect the body to the other side. Moving the right shoulder – body slightly to the left, left shoulder – body to the right. Then change the movement – take turns lifting and dropping your shoulder down. The back moves gently towards the lifted shoulder.

4. Stretching the back of the thigh. 

Sitting still, alternately pull your knee to the chest, holding your leg with a hand. Raising your leg, slowly lower your head to your knee. This will relax your lower back and hips as well. Do 6-8 reps. Some tips: raising your legs at a faster pace and using your arms less will also help activate your abdominal muscles.

5. Exercise to restore blood circulation.

Sitting on a chair, lift your straight leg 90 degrees and rotate your foot. Repeat with the other leg.

If you listen to your favorite music with headphones, we guarantee that you will do it easily. Your movements will be like a dance, and your mood will rise.

Let’s try?

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