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Dance events around the world. Part 1

Fun events you can attend next year (or any year) to show off your dance moves or find some new ones to your “to learn” list 🙂

  • Rio Carnival – Samba in February
    Join people dancing the Samba at probably the most famous and entertaining Carnival and party in the world! Just watching the photos on google tells you how fun and epic is the event. And if you still don’t want to learn the Samba- not sure we can ever convince you 🙂
  • Buenos Aeros tango festival – Argentine Tango in August
    Where else would you master your tango skills if not in the heart of the country it was created?! Here you can both learn more, dance to live music and enjoy the shows by some of the best dancers out there.
  • Viennese waltz ball in Austria And in NYC!
    Ball Season in Austria | The Country’s Most Beautiful Balls
    Did you know that Vienna still has a tradition of balls? Here you can find several events to participate in throughout the year. So if you ever dreamed about attending a real ball – this is your way to make it happen! And if you want to practice your dance skills before, there is also a yearly ball in New York City organized by an Austrian consulate.

To be continued..

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