feminine and sexy

“Your movements are too feminine and sexy” – Dance and woman’s energy

“Your movements are too feminine and sexy” – these words were addressed to me while I was dancing in New York several years ago.

Feminine and sexy! You can’t think of a better compliment. We girls are born in a female body and we are quite different from boys. And a woman with these qualities is a wonderful natural phenomenon. She is harmonious and complete. A woman like this loves and appreciates herself, accepts her body, and uniquely benefits herself by doing what she truly likes.

I devoted quite a lot of time to various dance styles and at one time worked exclusively with a female audience. I discovered for myself how interestingly dance reveals certain qualities in a woman and how it affects her energy, how it blooms and unfolds. Besides, the ladies who came to my classes did not always pursue the interests of the stage and competition, many of them wanted to simply dance “for themselves” and feel special, beautiful, more plastic, and graceful.

In the process of training, I came to the conclusion that the desire of every woman was not to portray femininity and sexuality in the dance but to be so.

And most importantly, students enjoyed the process of dancing itself, finding in it a resource to restore their inner harmony and energy. So, kinda in the search of the alchemy of femininity, I began to treat dancing as body-energy practice.

I believe that in dancing we connect with our past woman’s experiences because from ancient times a woman knew the wonderful power of dancing. Temple priestesses, getters, geishas, ​and harem women mastered the art of dance not only at the level of entertainment but also at the level of spiritual practices. They used dancing as an awakening of the inner feminine power, a ritual of filling with energies, purification, harmonization,… and the list could be endless.

We will tell you what kind of dances awaken energy in the next post!

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