Dance like nobody's watching!

Dance like nobody’s watching! Remember that?

Before dance was used to celebrate birth, death, sadness, joy, or asking for the rain and the sun. Unfortunately, now we’ve begun to forget that dancing has always been an integral part of our life.

In the understanding of a modern person, dance is nothing more than body moves in a club, or performances by professional dancers. To dance it’s necessary to have a special room, music, clothes, etc. And you must be in a good mood!

But let’s try to get back to the origin of the dance. There are no people who don’t dance. We say a dance devoid of any rules, in which only the body moves and the mind turns off.

Think of how movies and tv shows use dance moments/moves when characters need to release stress. They are literally dancing out their negative emotions! For example, that dance scene from Harry Potter. Such a perfect way to show Harry trying to comfort Hermione when Ron leaves them. Or Call Me By Your Name? It’s stunning to see how Elio injects so much meaning through his body movements and silent glances. From jealously, longing, intrigue, anger, disappointment, and sadness. Or the so addictive dance scene from “The Umbrella Academy”, which made lots of people just fall in love with the show!

It is interesting that when people watch it in a movie, it is a matter of course. But for some reason, very few people try the power of dance on themselves.

Our advice to you – dance one day, like in a movie!

The main thing is not to pay attention to the mind, which usually tries to somehow control what is going on: how beautiful are your movements, if the music and the stomping are too loud if you’ll drop something, and if someone comes in and would take me as a weirdo, etc.
For people who bear a huge burden of responsibility, this is simply vital.

Come to our classes and try the regenerating power of dance!

What’s your favorite dance scene?

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