Benefits of Partner Dancing

The Psychological Benefits of Partner Dancing

Just like in partner dancing, the basis of any relationship is the ability to listen to each other and feel your partner’s moods and needs. Once you both know that you can start the process of receiving benefits from partner dancing.

Partner dancing requires unlimited trust and closeness with your partner. Often, from the very first steps, you need to trust a complete stranger sometimes and let them lead.

Main Benefits of Partner Dancing:

1. Trust.

Without this, you will crush each other’s legs, rushing to prove who can hear the rhythm better.

2. Acceptance.

It so happens that women dance more often than men. At first, it will be more difficult for your partner, they will have to start with basic moves. And this is not a place for criticism, but rather a reason to cheer.

3. Support.

It is important to notice your partner’s missteps and not focus on the mistake.

4. Communication with a partner.

During the dance, communication takes place between people, but at the same time, it is not even necessary to say something. Communication can be non-verbal, or tactile.

Dancing is not only fitness where you work alone. Dance is much more, it erases boundaries, and requires you to perceive your partner as a part of yourself. Each of us has our barriers. Lessons allow you to gradually remove the barrier of a stranger, the fear of doing something wrong, to show those feelings that you usually hide from others. Furthermore, as these feelings detach you start to receive the benefits of partner dancing.

At first, coming from work to dance, some of our students find it difficult to switch and change their moods and thoughts. And now, their full immersion in the dance process is an incredible pleasure. They disconnect from everything: there is music, dance, passion mixed with tenderness and grace, a partner and that’s it.

In dance, we touch our personalities and understand ourselves. Our students, who have felt the influence of dance, will never be able to refuse it. So why not take this chance to become one of them!

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